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Ever like will be the fruit and successful results of hardware , sweat & dedication of mr gopal Gupta who is the moderate self made practical man he never loss his faith himself to make his dream come true.

mini kitchens

Balaji Kitchen King was established in 2002 & products are marketed beneath the manufacturer " EVER Like. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company deals modern kitchen accessories throughout India. We offer excellent quality at reasonable price. The grade of the merchandise needs n speaker. The speaks themselves. We presume in quality & for us quality includes following features.

Customer happiness

Reasonable price


100% Assurance

We have an extremely strong foundation in delhi & had also designed a sound business footing major states

EVERLIKE is a the leading names in interior furniture fitings. The business's clientele range from the furniture industry the item of furniture trade, interior fitters, hardware dealers, building investors, architects, planners, authorities and more. The Distinguishing factors include wholesome, total and different products, creative marketing channels and it is get noticed services.

Aimed at giving you a cleaner, more organized workspace, our a lot of different baskets really are a must for that modular kitchen. Giving visual along with functional benefits guide to ensure that your kitchen area remains clutter free. Allowing you to organize every aspect of your kitchen out of your utensils and spices in your rubbish and recycling, these accessories are invaluable an any working kitchen.

Special solution for furniture fitting systems. The group is probably the leading kitchen furniture industry supplier and distributes world- wide basis.

Fitting and furniture systems for the camper industry.

Product Presentation system including displays, product stands, shelves, shop-in-shop systems.

Fine design perfectly crafted. It uncovers various possibilities for designing the complete interior trim of the kitchen in a elegant look.Its style, Emphasizes the purist kind of modern, straight - lined kitchen. However, it had been produced for more common kitchen.

This is actually the Everlike Selection of Storage Baskets that tops the list of essentials while designing a modular kitchen.Built to store some of the most important daily use commodities with the cooking, these baskets are smooth in function and simple to maintain.

Partition Basket are for sale to create separate compartments for storage and your pickles and spices separately and prevent mixing on top of jars and masalas

Cup & Saucer Basket concentrate on organized storage of Cup & Saucer in the kitchens.

System insures organized storage of plates and thalies.

They're finished to perfection for stunning performance.

Cutlery Basket can be a necessity for every kitchen because it is very, very hard to avoid these small yet very important bits of kitchenware from losing your way here & there. These baskets with customized partitions are created to hold every one of the cutlery in an organized manner. You can find variants of the product, that gives the actual liberty to select the one that suits your requirement more.

mini kitchens

The Shelves are elegantly curved such as the legendary race track, as well as them is manufactures being a unique copy. Nevertheless the most remarkable thing about them is, that they're effective at swinging - nearly floating - entirely oujt of the corner cabinet in dynamically curve movement.